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Green, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Whether you’re doing day-to-day cleaning to keep your home or business looking its best, or you’re looking at doing some deep disinfecting on a less frequent basis, you want to put some thought into the chemicals you use around your family and pets – especially since those harsh chemicals aren’t too friendly to our mother earth. We’ve put together…

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Why Use a Professional House Cleaning Company in Surprise, AZ?

If you’ve never before used a professional cleaning service, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Most people not only dislike cleaning their homes, but they also find precious little time to do it. The right house cleaning company in Surprise, AZ, also personalizes their services so that you get just what…

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4 Housekeeping Tips For a Cat-Friendly Home

Can you imagine life without your favorite feline? Of course not, and we’ve got four housekeeping tips that make it easy to share your home with a cat. Keep reading for some tried and true ways to make everyone, including your four-footed friends, feel welcome in your home. Perks of Pet Ownership Pets are marvelous…

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3 Earth-Friendly Soap Scum Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Shine

Do you struggle with soap scum in your bathroom? It’s a sad fact of housekeeping that even the most well-maintained bathroom surfaces can suffer in silence under the residue of your favorite soap. Here are three environmentally safe soap scum hacks that will make your bathroom shine. Soap Scum 101 Soap scum happens when you…

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