4 Housekeeping Tips For a Cat-Friendly Home

Can you imagine life without your favorite feline? Of course not, and we’ve got four housekeeping tips that make it easy to share your home with a cat. Keep reading for some tried and true ways to make everyone, including your four-footed friends, feel welcome in your home.

Perks of Pet Ownership

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Pets are marvelous companions, and most pet owners can’t imagine living without them. Along with being a devoted friend, a cat might very well improve your health. Research into the connection between people and pets reveals that sharing your life with a cat can:

  • Lower your stress and blood pressure
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Pumps up the immune system and,
  • Encourages socialization.

Scientists also believe that cats and dogs can detect illness in their people. Perhaps as a result of their fantastic sense of smell, animals can alert their owners to such things as low blood sugar and an oncoming epileptic seizure. It’s also possible for your cat to sniff out cancer.

There are so many amazing life-enriching things that come from opening your home and heart up to a cat. Let’s look at four of the housekeeping tips that will help you to live happily with your cat for years into the future.

Four Housekeeping Tips When You a Cat

Cats bring joy into your home, but they also shed fur on the furniture and turn the indoor air a little stinky on occasion. Keeping an immaculate house might seem like a lost cause when you live with pets. Here are some tricks that make keeping a clean house a doable goal, no matter how many pets share your life.

1. Invest in a Tape Roller

Even a short-haired cat sheds their fur at a fantastic rate and keeping up with fur deposits on furniture and clothes can seem like an overwhelming task. We recommend that you purchase several tape rollers and make it a habit to roll the tape over upholstered furniture several times per week.

2: Use an Enzyme Cleaner for Stains and Odors

Buy a big bottle of an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle to tackle urine and vomit accidents. Every cat owner knows that kitty pee has a terrible and long-lasting smell. Modern pet stain removers are very effective at destroying horrible odors and stains.

3. Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home

There isn’t a more pleasant way to bring the outdoors into your home than by adding live plants to your indoor spaces. Make sure that any plant you choose is safe for a nibbling feline. Read here for a list of pet-safe plants to liven up your home.

4. Keep the Litter box Pristine

It’s impossible to maintain a pleasant environment if you slack on litter box upkeep. Not only will your home have an underlying foul odor, but there’s also an excellent chance that your kitty might boycott a dirty litter box.

Consider adopting a new friend

Now that you know a few housekeeping tips that make sharing rooms with a fluffy friend a less time-consuming chore, we hope that you’ll consider adopting a new friend. There are homeless animals ready for adoption throughout the Phoenix area. You can also help to improve the lives of animals by volunteering your time and talents to an animal rescue organization.

Lastly, life with a cat does require more housecleaning, but the rewards of pet ownership far outweigh the extra work. Our housekeeping tips are a great way to begin creating indoor spaces that work for both you and your pets.

We have extensive experience caring for homes that include all types of pets. Contact us at Legion of Clean for help with all of your house cleaning needs.

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